Morocco – Part 1: Of All the Gin Joints

Dissertation procrastination while arriving to the Kingdom of Morocco, saying menzaknine to an old friend, being shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in Rick's Cafe, and the death of Christopher Lee. Part 1 of a multi-part entry during the month of Ramadan - complete with attempting to fast, a temporary engagement for the use of a flat, run-ins with a drug cartel, medical emergencies, and sharing a bus with a goat.

The Highlander

It's second term 'reading week' time here in London, and SOAS has off from classes. Hypothetically, this is the time for us to prepare essays for our full module, year-long courses. In reality, this time is spent traveling as students make their ways home to family in Europe and abroad. I tend to visit America … Continue reading The Highlander

The Holy Land

Franz Krausz, an Israeli graphic designer and early Zionist who resettled from Austria to Palestine with his wife, was the man who created the know-iconic "Visit Palestine" poster in 1936 as an advertising campaign proclaiming the beauty of the land with the subtle hint of its need to be "reclaimed." For many who have seen … Continue reading The Holy Land